Tastemaker Interview - Trisha Y

December 17, 2020

For the first interview in our Tastemaker Series, we sat down with Trisha Y to take a glimpse into what inspires her sense of fashion.Trisha is a model, vlogger, entrepreneur and elite cheesecake chef currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She’s an expert at dressing for the occasion –equally as comfortable in a hoodie and sneakers as she is in heels and a gown. Checkout Trisha’s outfits on Sense and be sure to let her know which looks you like most.


Sense: @Trisha

Instagram: @trisha_y

YouTube: Trisha Y

Poshmark: @youkhanadoit


What’s the most important part of an outfit for you?

The actual fit of the clothes. I can fall in love with an outfit but it it’s not tailored correctly it can throw the whole vibe off. I have so many pieces in my closet that have yet to be worn because they have not been altered yet!

What’s your best kept fashion secret?

I wear clothes that flatter my specific body type so that when I put on a $15 dress from fashion nova or a $200 dress from Rat &Boa, I still feel expensive. I also always keep my accessories to a tasteful minimum. I love gold.

What’s your biggest fashion pet peeve or recent trend that you absolutely hate? 

Chunky sneakers. I have tiny ankles and skinny feet so I absolutely despise the look solely because I can’t pull it off. LOL

Who’s someone who has a style completely different from yours, but you respect their style? And why?

Teyana Taylor. So much work goes into her looks but she carries it all effortlessly. She can pull off streetwear, glam, and ultra sexy looks and I love the versatility in her style. It can’t hurt having her amazing body to work with!

What is your favorite item in your closet? What is your grail that you’ve always wanted but never been able to find or pull the trigger on?

Favorite item currently is my Are You Am I anke romper. It’s just made so well, from the sleeve length, the square neckline, to the material. I’ve been trying to pull the trigger on the small saffiano leather Prada monochrome bag because I desperately need a black bag but I can’t decide until I’ve seen all my options. Help!

What’s your secret to finding new looks to test?

I follow some stylists on Instagram and my favorite one is @elinaxblack, she channels 90’s super model looks and I try to keep that in mind when I’m shopping for my next piece. Makes shopping much easier when you have a goal in mind for your wardrobe as oppose to buying random pieces often and filling your closet with a whole bunch of mismatched chaos (which I am 100% guilty of-but I’m getting better!)

What’s your biggest fashion fail or embarrassing outfit story?

I was at my friend's engagement party and was wearing a beautiful, however, VERY low cut powder blue Maria Blanco Nero gown. I was dancing with my friends when one of the straps completely ripped off. I almost stole the show away from the happy couple but thank God my friend’s mom had a sewing kit in her purse and stitched up both straps for me. Janet Jackson could never.


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