Swapping clothes with friends

November 2, 2020

Almost everyone has borrowed some piece of clothing from a friend. Many friends can start as young as 10 years olds borrowing pajamas at a sleepover, then graduate to the next level of borrowing, maybe dress for a party in college or post-college a suit for a job interview. Sharing clothes allows someone to inhabit their friend's style, sometimes even walking in their shoes.

Swapping clothes is a fun way to share your clothes with your friends while scratching that inch for shopping while saving money. One of the best parts about sharing clothing is swapping different items that they have, along with the items in your closet to create that perfect outfit.  When in the company of friends, the creation of outfits can sometimes feel more like a high school chemistry class, trying to combine different items combining your style with their style to form that perfect outfit. But the right combination can make you feel like that all eyes on me when you walk into the room. This feeling is a combination of the right outfit combination, with confidence that you get from wearing that outfit.

At times the borrowing happens spontaneously, while other times they premeditated exchange, sharing clothes is your friends providing an endorsement, that they envy your style.  The friends that you swap clothes with are great friends to shop with, as their style will push you to explore new styles to add to your closet.  There are several things to remember when borrowing clothes from someone. Be very careful when wearing it, no one wants a wine stain or a ripe when they get their item back. If you do stain, get it cleaned, even if you can't really see the stain.  If you don't, you will undoubtedly be on the outside with your face against the glass next time you need to borrow something from any of your friends- people talk.

Swap parties

The idea of swapping clothes with friends has become so prevalent throughout culture that everyone from Martha Stewart to Oprah has created rules for clothing swap parties.  These parties are designed to help friends be organized around their swapping prospects.  These parties usually range between 10-20 people, from families to friends. These swaps are almost always done in person at someone's house and traditionally occurs on a weekend afternoon. These parties can help you not only add things to your closet but also allows your clothes to find a new home.

These formal swap settings, while effective at getting multi-person swaps it can leave you without the item you really had your eye on. Sometimes just setting up a swap buddy can help you grow your options in a better way than a swap party.  Often you swap buddy can also be the person that you shop with, usually have similar taste, and you get the added benefit of helping them pick out that item you might want to borrow later.

Swap vs. Sell

Your style evolves, so your old-style gets pushed back into the deep abyss of your closet.  You may go months sometimes years without even seeing some of your clothes until you stumble upon that thing you bought that matched your old style. So the question is, will you wear it again? Not usually, so should you swap or sell?

The benefits of selling are apparent, but you can often get significantly less for your clothing than you could if you swapped with friends. Often times when selling whether it be to a local consignment/thrift store or through an online platform, you will usually get $.40 on the dollar you paid, sometimes even less.  

While if you swap, you can often swap for something worth a similar amount as the item you are trading for.  The plus side to selling is buying new, and even though you might not get the same value as swapping, what you do get is the ability to buy whatever you want with the money you earned.  Either approach allows you to clean out your closet and make room for your new style.

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