Shopping with friends

November 3, 2020

Everything we do today has to be able to be done online, COVID-19 taught us that we are social creatures that will find a way to do any task with the new technologies. Social distancing has become the most commonly said saying of 2020, but this has lead to grandparents and parents adopting new technologies at record paces. Tools that for years have been in the conference room have moved to the home. People are playing board games, having dinners, going to concerts, and some are even getting married all from via video call.

But today the most common way that people are shopping online remains to be by themselves or by merely sending links. Friends can use a variety of tools, but the best way to buy online with friends is by using a variety of tools to do shopping online, not feel so socially distant from their friends.

Video Calling:

When searching online, friends will send each other links while on facetime. Video chat, sending a message, and screen sharing has helped to make the experience of shopping fun and feel like shopping in person. Leveraging the increasing ability to leverage technologies like screen sharing has made the ability to buy online with friends continue to contact like you are in the next dressing room. While video calling is not new, it is becoming more prevalent in everything that we do. Since the start of COVID-19 video calling as become the norm for people of all ages, to use several different tools to continue to interact with people while maintaining social distancing. Even before Covid-19, one cannot walk down the street or walk through a store without seeing someone on a video call, whether they are catching up or getting someone’s opinion on something they are thinking about purchasing.

Live stream:

Year after year, there is a new way that people can view products, whether it is a live video that has the items the users are wearing being ready to be sold like on Facebook and Instagram. While other companies like Amazon have attempted to create networks for selling items, similar to QVC and other TV catalog channels. These video networks have become increasingly popular during Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. These are the most prominent online selling days. All of these live stream attempt to make the consumer’s life as easy as possible, see it, like it, then1-click buy it. These are activities that friends can stream together, allowing them to discuss all of the items they see either through SMS or through things like Instagram chat.

Technology within e-commerce has changed substantially over the last five years, but people’s desires to be social and shop with their friends have only evolved. The stores themselves are catching on to these trends as well, setting an appointment with people via video calling apps to get customers in the stores virtually. Covid-19 has accelerated the need for a video solution for many of these stores. Still, the trend towards virtual video interaction has become part of the globalization that eCommerce continues to drive.

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