Introducing the Tastemaker Interview Series

December 6, 2020

At Sense, we take inspiration from the ones that push the boundaries of style and fashion. Without pressing the boundaries, innovation and progression cannot proceed. Years ago, when I asked my friend how he pulled off these crazy custom-made hats – feathers, designs, contrasting fabrics and textures – he told me that style is a gradual process, it’s not binary. He told me that every time he got dressed, every decision was intentional. The shoes.The socks. The belt. The jewelry.  And the hat, of course.  Every time he dressed, he would push the boundaries just a little further. Not too far, as to be perceived as inauthentic (although it would not have been), but significant enough to push the needle in the direction he was headed. In the process, he was able to discover his own unique style, while the friends that he interacted with consistently never noticed a drastic change because the changes were incremental. He told me: “If you push it just a little bit further each time, it will seem like you’ve always dressed this way.” The result was that he could pull off the most neck-breaking looks with ease and confidence – and people forgot the days when his style was something different. In their minds, he had always been this stylish. The Mandela Effect of fashion.


This conversation impacted by perspective on fashion far more than he’ll ever know. I learned that style takes time.  Too much change, and it’s contrived. Too little change, and it’s just boring. Style isn’t an accident. It’s intentional. It may come more naturally to some than others, but ultimately it takes effort. And my favorite part: style is deeply personal and individual. No one’s style is the same. And if it is, it’s a cop out. It takes time to learn your own style.


But importantly, as personal as style is, it’s also a team sport. Your own personal style comes from noticing certain specific elements of someone else’s style that resonate with you, combining those with elements from others’ style, and making the aggregate your own.


This is why we started Sense. We understand that the people that will impact your own style the most are the ones closest to you. Not a giant corporation that’s plugging your data into an algorithm to try to convince you what you SHOULD like. Not an influencer that doesn’t know you from Adam telling you why that jacket is perfect for you – how would she know? Just like your life experiences are shaped most significantly by the people with whom you choose to surround yourself, your style is too.


We created Sense to provide you with a tool to help you find the style that suits you best, with input from the people whose opinions you value most.


That’s also why we’ve created the Tastemaker Series: a series of interviews with the most fashionable people that we know. The ones from whom we draw inspiration. The ones that have impacted our own fashion choices.  The ones that push the needle forward. The ones who recognize that fashion is intentional. The innovators.Not just a trendsetter, but a tastemaker.


Through our Tastemaker Series, we will find out where our friends formed their own Sense of style. The brands, aesthetics and individuals that have impacted them most, and the methods they use to manifest their own personal taste into an outfit. We hope you enjoy meeting our Tastemakers.

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